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Being a Big Brother in spite of disappointment

November 7, 2011

What follows is a paper Jonathan wrote for his class. Linda and I thought it was cute. I figured if he ever said he didn’t like Jillian because she was annoying him… We could present an online account of how he really feels about his little sister. Enjoy.

“Jillian and my best day Ever!”

By: Jonathan Ekong

I woke up and I heard the tv on and yelled, “Hannah turn it off!” The tv kept on going so I jumped down and out of my bed and went into the living room to see if it was Hannah.

It was not her.  It was my Grandma. “Grandma” I muttered.  “Hey Jonathan” she said.  I asked, “Is mommy in the hospital?” She said, “Yes she is, and she had the baby.”  “Is it a boy or a girl?” I screamed.  My sisters woke up because I screamed so loudly.  My grandma said, “Hey my grand daughters.” “Hi grandma!” responded Hannah, Hailey, and Jocelyn.  Then my grandma said, “I can’t tell you if it is a boy or a girl.”  “Fine I won’t go to the hospital!”, and I stomped hard back into my room and slammed the door hard and locked it so no one could get in.

Then I came out and ate a little breakfast. I was eating breakfast and I was almost finished when my dad opened the door and gave us the keys to the blue van because my grandma’s car is to small for all of us to fit in.  Then my dad hopped into my grandma’s car as I was watching him pull out of the drive way slowly and driving away.

I asked my grandma, “When are we leaving to go to the hospital?” “Right now,” she said. We were in the van going to the hospital.  We were driving right through the rain.  When we go to the hospital we ran inside to the elevator.  “Wee,” all the kids said.  We got to the top floor where my mom was.  We went in and gave my mom a huge hug.  My mom said, “It’s a girl Jonathan, sorry buddy.” I was starting to cry and while I was crying I was thinking this was my last chance to have a brother.

No more kids.  I then took a look at Jillian and it didn’t matter any more.  She was so cute.  I was used to taking care of sisters.  I have three already so I can handle a fourth.  I asked, “Can I hold the baby first please?” “Sure,” my mom said.  Then we took a few pictures and then Hannah, Hailey, Jocelyn and I said, “Bye.” “Bye” our mom said.  Then we left.

The End


News from Haiti

January 23, 2010

I recieved this from a close friend earlier this week and I wanted to share and this is the best way I know how…

Please pass on and make it a point to follow Nora’s blog to see what is in the midst of Haiti.

See Below…

Date: Jan 21, 2010

Good Morning,
I just received this message below in regards to the orphanage in Haiti that I was at in 2008.  They were able to withstand the original earthquake on 1/12, but the after shock yesterday has left the compound unsafe for living.  The children, new Pastor, Nora and her husband, and the family that founded the church and orphanage all need to be relocated in an already over crowded city.  I have also included an update from Nora earlier this week on the status of the Les Cayes.  Please keep them in your prayers.
With Love,
[11:40:59 AM] N o r a    L é o n says: B U L L E T I N
The residence and guesthouse/orphanage at the church compound
has been declared unsafe to live in.
Last night, we slept in the church, but evacuated to the refugee camp, in the soccer field,
when the newest 6.0 earthquake near Jacmel shook things up in LesCayes.
We are currently making plans to relocate everyone elsewhere.
Once the children of the orphanage are comfortably relocated,
Leonie will escort Stephane and Gregory to the USA.
If you know anyone traveling to Haiti, please send them with CASH.
We have NO access to money for our emergency needs!
Cash can be given to GARRY and he will be sure that we get it!
 Haiti needs orthopedic surgeons
Haiti needs orthopedic surgery supplies
Do not send people who have no medical skills OR emergency expertise
as this puts an additional strain on our limited resources and causes concern for even more people!
Thank you for the support you have given in the past and the support you will be giving in the future!
Leonie Kessa Izidor
Israelson Izidor
Genet & Yelline Gelin
Gerson & Nora Léon