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Being a Big Brother in spite of disappointment

November 7, 2011

What follows is a paper Jonathan wrote for his class. Linda and I thought it was cute. I figured if he ever said he didn’t like Jillian because she was annoying him… We could present an online account of how he really feels about his little sister. Enjoy.

“Jillian and my best day Ever!”

By: Jonathan Ekong

I woke up and I heard the tv on and yelled, “Hannah turn it off!” The tv kept on going so I jumped down and out of my bed and went into the living room to see if it was Hannah.

It was not her.  It was my Grandma. “Grandma” I muttered.  “Hey Jonathan” she said.  I asked, “Is mommy in the hospital?” She said, “Yes she is, and she had the baby.”  “Is it a boy or a girl?” I screamed.  My sisters woke up because I screamed so loudly.  My grandma said, “Hey my grand daughters.” “Hi grandma!” responded Hannah, Hailey, and Jocelyn.  Then my grandma said, “I can’t tell you if it is a boy or a girl.”  “Fine I won’t go to the hospital!”, and I stomped hard back into my room and slammed the door hard and locked it so no one could get in.

Then I came out and ate a little breakfast. I was eating breakfast and I was almost finished when my dad opened the door and gave us the keys to the blue van because my grandma’s car is to small for all of us to fit in.  Then my dad hopped into my grandma’s car as I was watching him pull out of the drive way slowly and driving away.

I asked my grandma, “When are we leaving to go to the hospital?” “Right now,” she said. We were in the van going to the hospital.  We were driving right through the rain.  When we go to the hospital we ran inside to the elevator.  “Wee,” all the kids said.  We got to the top floor where my mom was.  We went in and gave my mom a huge hug.  My mom said, “It’s a girl Jonathan, sorry buddy.” I was starting to cry and while I was crying I was thinking this was my last chance to have a brother.

No more kids.  I then took a look at Jillian and it didn’t matter any more.  She was so cute.  I was used to taking care of sisters.  I have three already so I can handle a fourth.  I asked, “Can I hold the baby first please?” “Sure,” my mom said.  Then we took a few pictures and then Hannah, Hailey, Jocelyn and I said, “Bye.” “Bye” our mom said.  Then we left.

The End


Where Ego, Underachieving, and Loyalty Meet

July 9, 2010

This is not going to be a Lebron bashing blog. It is reality folks, he is gone and oddly enough the landscape for most of the NBA has not changed. Regardless of what the insiders tell you. Nothing has changed. Cleveland still had little chance to return and win in the Finals if he had returned. Miami still will not win a championship this year. The other two powerhouses in the East are still that powerhouses for at least one more year.

How about that we were all witnesses … we witnessed him leaving. This will no crush Cleveland. It will dampen the moods of Cleveland fans right up until NFL exhibition season. We have been through this before long before Lebron was a twinkle in his mother’s eye. His Loyalty has always been to himself and his family. Clue yourself in, the first hint should have been the last contract extension that did not max out. I said then, Lebron is putting a timetable on his time in Cleveland. We worked for the Cavaliers and he was the face of a city during his tenure. In the NBA most stars do not return to their hometowns and win titles, stars at least. The strain is simply too much to bear.

Where does ego come into this equation. It starts from the start. It is the same reason, I cringe every time I hear a father refer to his daughter as princess, little queen or a mother refer to her son king, the man, etc… Just about everyone knows where I am going with this, it provokes a sense of superiority over all those around him. His sense started back in AAU basketball. Continued through high school, SI covers, Nike, Cavs, and eventually his 1hr long special. Honestly, I believe Lebron was leaving no matter what if the Cavs couldn’t do a sign and trade for one big superstar. I can not remember another superstar generating this much attention without having actually won a title. I remember about 3 years ago, Nike had a commercial come out labeled the Second Coming. I wrote my final project on this very topic in Critical Thinking. Nike used the title as a play on the Bible to promote their players as the savior to the NBA. At least, that is what they would want you to think. Ask me how many of the players in those videos have titles now? I could be wrong, but the answer is none ( I can’t remember if Pierce was in the video). What does this move do for Lebron’s ego? Absolutely, nothing. He was never a alpha dog with a killer instinct. He never willed his team to be better. He facilitated wins. Which is the reason he passed up big shots in the past. I am sure someone is saying he made the players around him better … in the regular season. Guess what? There is not a award for regular season wins.

Lebron looked at the writing on the wall and said I am out of here. Shame on you Gilbert, Ferry, Paxson, Brown, and Lebron for putting Cleveland in such a position. In a one hour period the Cavs transformed for East conference contended to the Nets and Wizards. How did this happen? Everyone from the owner down to the players underachieved. Lebron is at the top of my list only because his whole thing since he came into the league has been team. So, with his skill set he was supposed to make those around him better. Greats make their teammates better. Jordan, Magic, and Bird did it. In some respects Kobe did it as well. His teammates followed his example and his team mimic much of the last 3-peat Bulls setup. I would still take the last championship bulls squad over this years Lakers. Shame on the owner and GMs for putting these parts around Lebron trying to pacify him and not build a team capable of winning a title. Shame on you for not switching coaches after last season. Shame on you Lebron for not speaking up and saying guys save the money because this isn’t going to happen. I think he knew in the Finals against the Spurs. I am positive he knew versus Orlando last year. His actions in the Boston series just proved it. Dan Gilbert may have a point, but he got to the point in an untactful manner.

Lebron underachieved for all accomplishments. He failed to make his teammates better when they needed it most. He failed to hold his employers accountable when they needed. He failed at being one of the best players the league will ever see in terms of legacy. He relied on talent to will his team to regular season wins and talent doesn’t win championships. Cavs fans underachieved by believing in a product that was subpar at best. Did anyone really think Shaq and Jamison were the answer. Neither addressed issues of the previous years.

Lebron is human and not some Divine being. Finally, people will take him for what he is… I really talented (physically) basketball player.

Message to Cleveland: Time for you to be Witnesses to the One True Messiah