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Being a Big Brother in spite of disappointment

November 7, 2011

What follows is a paper Jonathan wrote for his class. Linda and I thought it was cute. I figured if he ever said he didn’t like Jillian because she was annoying him… We could present an online account of how he really feels about his little sister. Enjoy.

“Jillian and my best day Ever!”

By: Jonathan Ekong

I woke up and I heard the tv on and yelled, “Hannah turn it off!” The tv kept on going so I jumped down and out of my bed and went into the living room to see if it was Hannah.

It was not her.  It was my Grandma. “Grandma” I muttered.  “Hey Jonathan” she said.  I asked, “Is mommy in the hospital?” She said, “Yes she is, and she had the baby.”  “Is it a boy or a girl?” I screamed.  My sisters woke up because I screamed so loudly.  My grandma said, “Hey my grand daughters.” “Hi grandma!” responded Hannah, Hailey, and Jocelyn.  Then my grandma said, “I can’t tell you if it is a boy or a girl.”  “Fine I won’t go to the hospital!”, and I stomped hard back into my room and slammed the door hard and locked it so no one could get in.

Then I came out and ate a little breakfast. I was eating breakfast and I was almost finished when my dad opened the door and gave us the keys to the blue van because my grandma’s car is to small for all of us to fit in.  Then my dad hopped into my grandma’s car as I was watching him pull out of the drive way slowly and driving away.

I asked my grandma, “When are we leaving to go to the hospital?” “Right now,” she said. We were in the van going to the hospital.  We were driving right through the rain.  When we go to the hospital we ran inside to the elevator.  “Wee,” all the kids said.  We got to the top floor where my mom was.  We went in and gave my mom a huge hug.  My mom said, “It’s a girl Jonathan, sorry buddy.” I was starting to cry and while I was crying I was thinking this was my last chance to have a brother.

No more kids.  I then took a look at Jillian and it didn’t matter any more.  She was so cute.  I was used to taking care of sisters.  I have three already so I can handle a fourth.  I asked, “Can I hold the baby first please?” “Sure,” my mom said.  Then we took a few pictures and then Hannah, Hailey, Jocelyn and I said, “Bye.” “Bye” our mom said.  Then we left.

The End


Father’s Day

June 19, 2009

Normally, this would be section where someone would rave about them being a wonderful father.  Well, if that is what you’re looking for might as well close this browser now.

It isn’t everyday I get to share the admiration I have for my fathers.  Notice the plural there.  Father’s Day is so focused on the human aspect of giving thanks for the fathers that do what they’re supposed to do.  Very rarely, do we reflect on God, Our Father and say a special thanks for his infinite love he has for us.  So, this blog will be split into two to recognize my father and God, Our Father.

God, Our Father

He who loved me first before I was ever a twinkle in my parents eyes. He loved us so much to do send his only begotten Son to die for forgiveness of our sins.  The same Father who has been there since the beginning of time and patiently stayed by our sides during all of our mistypes.  The Father whom when I need encouragement, I turn to His Word for guidance. The Father that has blessed me with wonderful family, friends, fellow Christians, unbelievers, enemies, co-workers, etc to stimulate my growth as a man.  The same Father of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, John the Baptist, and Paul.  The same Father who protected his people wandering for 40 years regardless of their missteps.

A Father’s whose credits can’t be put on paper because they still continue at this very moment.  The Father who was, is, and is to come.  As I know the Father isn’t depended on my existence, but I am dependent entirely on his existence. Hear my prayer, Father, that we not forget all you’ve done for us without so much of a petition.  We thank you Father for all you did, do, and continue to do until the end times. If you’re reading this you only know of some of the blessings you have reaped. I assure you, those don’t even scratch the surface of what he has done for us.

My attempt is not to dummy down God’s work, but to provide yet another view of how he has affected our lives.

My Dad

Many call him Pastor or Mister Ekong, but I will always know him as daddy.  Our relationship early can best be described as misunderstood, but always mutually respected. The son of a Chief who later became a founding father of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.  He always had large shoes to follow in and as such he worried if his life would be his own and not that of what others assumed and directed. The shadow of his father still follows him today.  The example his father set was improved on by him and passed down to me.  I always was taught about respect and carrying myself the correct way.  Learning that as his son I was a direct reflection on his leadership and abilities of a father. My father is a quiet man who leads by example.  Husband to one wife and father to two children. 

Teachings as a child that have stuck with me throughout my life.  Keep your eyes opening and listen before speaking.  Be observant of your surroundings and the people you associate.  Lessons he taught me without specific instruction was caring about others feelings and positions in life.  Never to forsake anyone and to always put my best foot forward are examples of timeless lessons. We had a rough time during my teenage years for obvious reasons.  Boy trying to grow into a man long before it was his time.  Even when I disappointed him, he stayed firmly by my side guiding me with the Words of God.

He has always been a man of God, but for a time there we knew he was meant to be a pastor. It was true lesson watching his transformation into what God has always meant for him.  Boy, did God give him some serious clues that this was his path.  See, this is important because as I got older I saw the same signs and direction from God and I was able to recognize it when it was my time to take the steps to follow suit.

Our relationship since I left college has only grown and reached a level neither of us would have ever thought.  We turn to each other to discuss church issues, The Great Commission, life, family, the ministry, etc…

My father called me the week before graduation upset about the scheduling of after graduation activities. I had been so selfish, that I had missed just how proud he was of me for that accomplishment and the steps I would be taking later this summer.  His words literally brought me to tears.  We aren’t men of many words… okay that’s a lie. We often say a lot, but what we say means a great deal.

It is only now at 33 years that I realize at my core I am my father’s son.  I’m proud to say I’m his son and I strive to improve on the example he has set for me and pass that example on to my children.


“Father only means that you are taking care of your children.  That’s what it means to be a father. It doesn’t mean having babies. Anybody can make a baby, but a father helps to raise his children. There is another word for fatherhood. It’s called RESPONSIBILITY!”  -Malcolm X

When people ask who is your hero?  I don’t say a superstar, artist, actor, etc… It is my God Our Father and my parents.