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137 New Students Welcomed To Seminary at Opening Service

September 20, 2013


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 20, 2013

ST. LOUIS—On Friday, Sept. 6, at 11:00 a.m., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, began its 175thacademic year with a special worship service in the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus on the Seminary campus. Dr. Dale A. Meyer, president of Concordia Seminary, served as preacher.

The incoming class is comprised of 137 students, including all those newly enrolled in residential and distance programs: 67 residential M.Div. students; 3 residential alternate route students; 7 deaconess students; 7 EIIT (Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology) students; 24 SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor Program) students; and 12 CHS (Center for Hispanic Studies) students.

In addition, Concordia Seminary’s Graduate School has 17 new students: 4 M.A. (Master of Arts) students; 8 Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) students, and 5 S.T.M. (Master of Sacred Theology) students.

The 24 new SMP students received vicarage assignments during the Opening Service as well.

In addition, three new faculty members were installed: Rev. Benjamin Haupt as Director of Library Services and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology; Rev. David Johnson as Director of Musical Arts and Associate Professor of Practical Theology; and Rev. Todd Jones as Director of Resident Field Education and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Current faculty and staff members were installed in new positions: Dr. Charles Arand as Dean of Theological Research and Publication; Dr. Wallace Becker as Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program; Rev. Jason Broge as Curriculum Design Specialist; Rev. Tony Cook as Director of Curriculum Design and Development and Continuing Education; Dr. Jeffrey Kloha as Provost; Mr. Michael Louis as Executive Vice President; Dr. Richard Marrs as Director of the Master of Divinity and Alternate Route Programs; Dr. David Maxwell as Director of the Graduate School; and Dr. Paul Robinson as Dean and Marshal of the Faculty.

For more information, please contact or call 314-505-7379.


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News from Haiti

January 23, 2010

I recieved this from a close friend earlier this week and I wanted to share and this is the best way I know how…

Please pass on and make it a point to follow Nora’s blog to see what is in the midst of Haiti.

See Below…

Date: Jan 21, 2010

Good Morning,
I just received this message below in regards to the orphanage in Haiti that I was at in 2008.  They were able to withstand the original earthquake on 1/12, but the after shock yesterday has left the compound unsafe for living.  The children, new Pastor, Nora and her husband, and the family that founded the church and orphanage all need to be relocated in an already over crowded city.  I have also included an update from Nora earlier this week on the status of the Les Cayes.  Please keep them in your prayers.
With Love,
[11:40:59 AM] N o r a    L é o n says: B U L L E T I N
The residence and guesthouse/orphanage at the church compound
has been declared unsafe to live in.
Last night, we slept in the church, but evacuated to the refugee camp, in the soccer field,
when the newest 6.0 earthquake near Jacmel shook things up in LesCayes.
We are currently making plans to relocate everyone elsewhere.
Once the children of the orphanage are comfortably relocated,
Leonie will escort Stephane and Gregory to the USA.
If you know anyone traveling to Haiti, please send them with CASH.
We have NO access to money for our emergency needs!
Cash can be given to GARRY and he will be sure that we get it!
 Haiti needs orthopedic surgeons
Haiti needs orthopedic surgery supplies
Do not send people who have no medical skills OR emergency expertise
as this puts an additional strain on our limited resources and causes concern for even more people!
Thank you for the support you have given in the past and the support you will be giving in the future!
Leonie Kessa Izidor
Israelson Izidor
Genet & Yelline Gelin
Gerson & Nora Léon


Contending for the Faith

April 2, 2009