$25,000 Worship Resource Giveaway from Proclaim

February 28, 2011

$25,000WorshipResourceGiveawayfromProclaimNew church presentation software is coming out soon called Proclaim andit’s located here http://proclaimonline.com. Unlike all other churchpresentation software systems, this one will allow pastors, worshipleaders, and worship team members to all access and add to the samepresentation before it’s presented, and then use the same application torun the presentation during the service.

<a href=”http://www.proclaimonline.com”><img src=”http://www.proclaimonline.com/webads/v2/400×90.gif&#8221; /></a>

To add to the excitement of the release of Proclaim, they are giving away$25,000 in worship resources in The Great Worship Resource Giveaway.They are going to have 100’s of winners of some of the best worshipresources on the market. The giveaway is located on the Proclaim homepage http://proclaimonline.com where you will see how to enter. You canalso see all the prize partners there, listing out some great resources fromcompanies like Planning Center Online, Graceway Media, Worship LeaderMagazine, Centerline Media, Musicademy, Clover Sites, Christian MusicianSummit, Luna Guitars, National Worship Leader Conference, and prizesfrom many more.

I’m excited about this new product Proclaim. You can see a video of thesoftware on their site which gives a quick detail of how it will help worshipleaders and ministry teams. Visit http://proclaimonline.com to see thevideo, and enter ‘The $25,000 Great Worship Resource Giveaway’.


Random thoughts while reading…

August 14, 2010

I’m reading Jonathan Udo Ekong “The Log-Bell Ringer” and I have numerous thoughts going through my heads I read through this compilation of memoirs. Unfortunately, folks will have to wait until I write my review for the Concordia Seminary’s “Around the Tower”. Yup, I just sucked you in with a teaser blog. 🙂


Sometimes you can’t go home again.

August 13, 2010

Cleveland is and will always be my home. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Cleveland. As the rapper Eve used to say “it is where I am from”. When we think of going home, we are referring to the structure that provided shelter for us. For me that residence was/is in the 131st/Miles Rd area. That’s right I grew up near the train tracks, Eagle grocery store, Mr. Hero (my first job), MLK drive, and home to drug dealers, drunks, gang members, etc.

Over the years since leaving for college I return home sparingly. The main reason for sparingly is that I become so involved in the tasks before me. This last visit was extremely tough. It seems the neighborhood I grew up in and is continuing downward in a spiral. Our home has been broken into twice in as many weeks. When we lived there and the house was broken into we felt violated. Now, as Jessica and I have grown up and move away we have settled elsewhere.  That doesn’t mean our hearts aren’t in the city and the home we grew up in. This last visit was surreal, not only had they broken in several times over the years, but now they are getting to the point where they’re destroying things inside the house.

I guess no one is really upset by the break-ins that have occurred because for the most part they just took what they wanted … minus the time they stole the copper pipes in the basement and decided to not turn off the water while doing it. Nope, now they are just being down right destructive. Sure, it is our stuff in the house. Notes from grade school and high school, toys (i have removed the ones I cared about years ago), furniture, clothes, and memories are all that remain now.

I guess it is a good idea I didn’t have the camera with me documenting all the destruction from the latest break in. Jessica, my parents, and my room had things all over the floors and beds flipped. I did manage to take notice of a few things. They evidently have no interests in black and white televisions, books, freezer, fridges, or bibles. So, those that are breaking in do not care to better themselves. Sure I know someone is thinking druggies and under age kids are causing all this damages.  As I said before everyone in the family knows that evidently the folks breaking in needs the stuff more than us. Honestly, that is fine.  Stop trashing the house. I resisted leaving a note for the next time break-in.  If I did it would go a little something like this:

Dear Clutter Reduction Crew,

Since you are here for your next visit, please make sure to clean up after you leave. We would suggest you work on one room per visit. What you don’t like and can’t find a need for, please move it to the street for the trash collectors to take. If you break glass clean it up.  We would ask that since you will no doubt need to come back to go through each room in the house over time… How about leaving a list of what you’re looking for. We would be more than happy to direct you to the location to find things. This is the only time we are going to offer this advice to you and your friends.

Our next course of action will be to allow our children to go on a cleaning spree at which time the house will be emptied into a dumpster. Also, during your next visit, take note to the Bibles throughout the house and the strategically placed Catechism. We understand that you have entered our house looking for something, but we are positive the thing you’re looking for is right in front of your face.  If you need more copies, leave us a note and we can get you more. 🙂

Yours in Christ,

The Ekongs

P.S.  Leaving beer cans and drinks around the house just isn’t smart. Please watch a back episode of CSI and step up your game. Have some pride in your craft.

Needless to say, sometimes you can’t go home again.


New Twitter “Tweet Button” (via WordPress.com News)

August 13, 2010

New Twitter “Tweet Button” For those of you who have been dreaming of an easier way for your readers to share your posts on Twitter, that day has come. We're pleased to announce that we've added an official Tweet Button as an option for all WordPress.com blogs. How it works: When one of your readers hits the Tweet Button, they will be shown a popup that includes a shortened link to your post. Readers can add in a quick message, and then hit "Tweet" to send the post to thei … Read More

via WordPress.com News


Pat Riley – David Stern’s worst nightmare as GM

July 11, 2010


We all like conspiracy stories, but it would seem this one falls write in line. If it is true, congrats to Pat Riley on being the best sneaky GM in the sport. Many build from the draft and trades. Pat said, I wanted to win now so I’ll go for broke. While New York was high profile in its quest for Lebron. Miami flew under the radar up until the last part of the season. I have long said that when these guys took shorter contracts three years ago something big was coming in a few years.  Luckily, we won’t have to worry about this happening again. Stern will keep a closer eye on teams and I wouldn’t put it past him to do an investigation. Remember, back in the day they fined Minnesota for acts similar costing them money and draft picks. If I am Pat Riley, I am sure who says the end result is worth risk. Two stars in their prime and one tier 2 star. Bosh is a big acquisition, but he has never been on the same level as Lebron or Wade. All free agency we heard that he was going to play with someone else, not he would go someplace and others would follow. So, Miami has Dream Team light now to suit up next season. The fact still remains someone will not be making it to anymore All Star games as the fans and coaches will not stand for it. There is not enough balls to share amongst the stars. They still do not have more than four people on their roster. Biggest reason that still remains… Kobe is still breathing and no doubt ticked off. Kobe is the closest thing we will ever see to Jordan. He is the only player that can single handily (even at this stage of his career) outscore the Big Three in Miami, if he felt like it. He still has the drive to win a game in crunch time. Lebron does not have it in him. Wade can if you give him the lane. Bosh doesn’t enter the equation. Lakers still have another major reason: they are the one team in the NBA that can legitimately play 4 all-stars on the floor and have a decent bench to back them up. Fisher should he return (if he doesn’t return just hand the Lakers the title now) means you veteran ready to attack at the right moment. You’ve heard it first. If Fisher signs with Miami, the Lakers will win the title because Black Mamba will take this as not only a person diss by Miami, but betrayal by Fisher.

Ask Raja Bell, Ruben Patterson, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen, Doug Christie, and Shane Battie what it feels like to upset the MAMBA!!!

Congrats to Pat, you have give the Lakers and Kobe the ammunition to obliterate the NBA and snatch the NBA Title.


Where Ego, Underachieving, and Loyalty Meet

July 9, 2010

This is not going to be a Lebron bashing blog. It is reality folks, he is gone and oddly enough the landscape for most of the NBA has not changed. Regardless of what the insiders tell you. Nothing has changed. Cleveland still had little chance to return and win in the Finals if he had returned. Miami still will not win a championship this year. The other two powerhouses in the East are still that powerhouses for at least one more year.

How about that we were all witnesses … we witnessed him leaving. This will no crush Cleveland. It will dampen the moods of Cleveland fans right up until NFL exhibition season. We have been through this before long before Lebron was a twinkle in his mother’s eye. His Loyalty has always been to himself and his family. Clue yourself in, the first hint should have been the last contract extension that did not max out. I said then, Lebron is putting a timetable on his time in Cleveland. We worked for the Cavaliers and he was the face of a city during his tenure. In the NBA most stars do not return to their hometowns and win titles, stars at least. The strain is simply too much to bear.

Where does ego come into this equation. It starts from the start. It is the same reason, I cringe every time I hear a father refer to his daughter as princess, little queen or a mother refer to her son king, the man, etc… Just about everyone knows where I am going with this, it provokes a sense of superiority over all those around him. His sense started back in AAU basketball. Continued through high school, SI covers, Nike, Cavs, and eventually his 1hr long special. Honestly, I believe Lebron was leaving no matter what if the Cavs couldn’t do a sign and trade for one big superstar. I can not remember another superstar generating this much attention without having actually won a title. I remember about 3 years ago, Nike had a commercial come out labeled the Second Coming. I wrote my final project on this very topic in Critical Thinking. Nike used the title as a play on the Bible to promote their players as the savior to the NBA. At least, that is what they would want you to think. Ask me how many of the players in those videos have titles now? I could be wrong, but the answer is none ( I can’t remember if Pierce was in the video). What does this move do for Lebron’s ego? Absolutely, nothing. He was never a alpha dog with a killer instinct. He never willed his team to be better. He facilitated wins. Which is the reason he passed up big shots in the past. I am sure someone is saying he made the players around him better … in the regular season. Guess what? There is not a award for regular season wins.

Lebron looked at the writing on the wall and said I am out of here. Shame on you Gilbert, Ferry, Paxson, Brown, and Lebron for putting Cleveland in such a position. In a one hour period the Cavs transformed for East conference contended to the Nets and Wizards. How did this happen? Everyone from the owner down to the players underachieved. Lebron is at the top of my list only because his whole thing since he came into the league has been team. So, with his skill set he was supposed to make those around him better. Greats make their teammates better. Jordan, Magic, and Bird did it. In some respects Kobe did it as well. His teammates followed his example and his team mimic much of the last 3-peat Bulls setup. I would still take the last championship bulls squad over this years Lakers. Shame on the owner and GMs for putting these parts around Lebron trying to pacify him and not build a team capable of winning a title. Shame on you for not switching coaches after last season. Shame on you Lebron for not speaking up and saying guys save the money because this isn’t going to happen. I think he knew in the Finals against the Spurs. I am positive he knew versus Orlando last year. His actions in the Boston series just proved it. Dan Gilbert may have a point, but he got to the point in an untactful manner.

Lebron underachieved for all accomplishments. He failed to make his teammates better when they needed it most. He failed to hold his employers accountable when they needed. He failed at being one of the best players the league will ever see in terms of legacy. He relied on talent to will his team to regular season wins and talent doesn’t win championships. Cavs fans underachieved by believing in a product that was subpar at best. Did anyone really think Shaq and Jamison were the answer. Neither addressed issues of the previous years.

Lebron is human and not some Divine being. Finally, people will take him for what he is… I really talented (physically) basketball player.

Message to Cleveland: Time for you to be Witnesses to the One True Messiah


NBA Free Agency

July 6, 2010

Is anyone else getting the feeling this year’s free agency is going to be a big let down. I think the sit down Dwayne Wade alluded to a long time ago was a plan to punk us all. The biggest change in my opinion will be Chris Bosh teaming up with someone else. Which by the way seems like it will have to be Wade in Miami or Chicago. Interesting enough all the talk has been about winning championships leading up until today. Except from Bosh of course. He has let is slipped more than once that he wants: 1. to be the man, 2. wants max contract, 3. only will play for certain teams, and 4. wants to win championships. Anyone notice the order I put those in. If Bosh has a PR firm, they really shouldn’t let this guy talk at all. Everything he says needs to be cleared through the firm. Right now simply looks like spoiled brat. Last I checked he has yet to do any damage in the playoffs like the guys he wants to play alongside.  Wait a minute, I’ve got it. Bosh is a nicer version of Amare who plays defense. Here is some minor problems with these thoughts of signing multiple max contracts…

1. The team has to have a win now mentality because with two large contracts like this it will be hard in the coming years to put players around the two stars. Economy is terrible and all hints point to the salary cap lowering next year. None of the teams that have tons of money this free agency have a chance to win a title this year. NONE OF THEM.

2. Two or Three alpha males cannot exists on the same team. Meaning Wade, Lebron, and Bosh can’t exist on a team for more than one NBA season. There simple isn’t enough shots to go around. That is just the ego portion. Think with your basketball mind now. All three players need the ball in their hands to maximize their skills and have an effect on the game. If you think Lebron will just be throwing alley-oops to Bosh and Wade all game … I have some retirement land at the end of my patio.  All are big time finishers which is why Chicago seems like a good choice. What’s the problem with that setup… Rose is a big time finishers and needs the ball in his hand. Oh yeah, none of the aforemention stars are spot up shooters. Clog the middle and dare any of them to beat you. These guys are friends and that is fine, but they ARE not complementary players when put together. The only reason this worked in the Olympics is because teams couldn’t match up with all five guys on the floor.

San Antonio, Boston, and LA seem to have found the proper match of players. Also noticed in these setups there is only one alpha dog. In San Antonio they take terms depending on the season (see Duncan, Parker, Mano) and injuries. Boston has a similar setup, but there is only one Alpha Dog on that team. KG doesn’t have that mind set. Ray Allen has never been that type of player. Rondo has the potential, but again it isn’t part of his nature. As for LA, Kobe is the poster boy for an Alpha Dog. Gasol can only do it when he is ticked off. Artest isn’t put together mentally to be an Alpha Dog. Odom isn’t even the Alpha Dog in his marriage. Okay, that last one was uncalled for, but if you’ve watched “Keeping up with the Kardasians” you understand why I pointed that out.

3. Wade has bigger issues on his plate than basketball. Family comes first and it has been in the news.

4. Coaches – the teams who think they will win big all have coaches who aren’t proven. We’ve seen teams with tons of talent not even make it to Finals and part of that comes down coaching.

5. The fact that all the major teams in the free agency market are in the Eastern Conference. Folks this should raise a red flag in theory the teams should be from both conferences. Besides how many teams do you remember recently sign/trade their star to the same conference.

6. Toronto – They have the power to ruin Bosh’s desires by refusing to do a sign and trade. He wants a max deal, but unless they are happy with what they will get back it isn’t happening.

Does any care that Amare went to NY? Since when did you become a voice of a team. I see bad attitude, lack of playing defense, and a huge ego. Hey Amare, do you realize you just left one of the best PG’s behind. Maybe he knows something we don’t… like the Sun has set in Phoenix. My guess is they still manage to have a better record than the Knicks next year.

Where is Nate Robinson? Why haven’t heard anything out of Orlando? Shaq to Boston… Seriously. I guess Doc Rivers will be able to use the excuse that the starting 5 hasn’t lost a series yet. Go ahead Doc hang onto that thought. You played to a draw with your starting 5 in the Finals.

Yup, I get the feeling this Free Agency period will be a bust. Egos, Greed, and stupidity will prevail.

Seriously Lebron … An Hour Long special on ESPN??? – Maybe he will decide to go overseas and come back in a year. LOL